Welcome to my personal blog, my name is Yves Zieba.

You will find below some information on my key topics of interest.

I regularly post about :

  • the new revenue and business models
  • the role of businesses in sustainable development goals
  • the future of education and the future of work
  • the emergence of open innovation, open data, open hardware, open source software and open models
  • the rise of the blue economy and blue growth models
  • the disruptions caused by artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning, data science, predictive maintenance, automation, robotics, blockchain, holochain, VR, AR and Mixed reality.

I work with scale-ups, SMEs and large corporates. You can have access to my time either directly (just send me an email!) or via some European funding schemes, if you successfully apply with your innovative project to these schemes (such as BlueInvest or Horizon Europe, EIC Accelerator / previously known as Horizon 2020 / SME Instruments Phase 1 and Phase 2). So far, I have coached scale-ups in France, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark.

Here is a summary of my professional background, my values and a short description of some of my activities and responsibilities.

Key values

My key values are influenced by the urgency level of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). My personal values include:

  • Tolerance and non judgment
  • Open-Mind
  • Passion and enthusiasm
  • Inclusiveness and fairness
  • Gender Equality and more generally mixity

Entrepreneurial experience

Founder & Director – Yves Zieba Raison Individuelle (founded in 2014 and registered in Geneva)

I created a company with a focus on delivering strategy consulting services and implementing open innovation methods.

I am a public speaker and I also provide training, coaching and mentoring on business models, value proposition, design thinking, effectuation, lean start up, open innovation, system thinking, organisation models and human resources.

I help my clients to find new ideas about their corporate strategy, select the best ideas for their new growth models. We clarify the role and action plan of their business strategy in sustainability. We help them design new ways of amplifying their impact with social media, digital marketing and social network analytics.

I have run a fair amount of workshops in different formats (one day for beginners, 3 days for covering all the fundammentals), in particular prospective workshop and strategic thinking workshop, for instance to help businesses invent their mobile business models, or to understand the power of open business models, I have also help with the articulation of cloud computing strategy, or the integration of digital transformation and agile transition in an overarching corporate strategy.

Corporate experience

I have worked for various companies, including:

– Reuters (sold to Thomson to become Thomson Reuters, the world leader in information), now Nasdaq, London Stock Exchange and Refinitiv). I worked 13 years in Global Sales and Customer Service, in multiple countries (France, Switzerland, UK, Morocco, Malta), in various roles at EMEA and Global level (Account Management, Sales Management, Sales Organisation, Business Process, Business Analysis, Business Operations, Sales Efficiency & Effectiveness, Finance, HR).


–  Elf (the largest French energy group who bought the german service station Minol, and then was sold to Total),


– Morpho Systems, (the French market leading biometrics automated fingerprint identification system), sold to the French Safran-Sagem group,


– Asta Medica, a pharmaceutical company, part of the german core specialty chemical conglomerate Degussa (now became Evonik Industries AG),


– Mannesmann-Kienzle (sold to Digital Equipment, then to Compaq, then to HP), as a project manager for exporting traceability products for trucks.


Consulting / Support Experience

Arthur D. Little, as a strategy and business analyst consultant in Paris in 1995


I have also provided adhoc advisory on sales optimisation for large corporates with McKinsey.

Education / Professional Development

I have studied strategy, organisation and information systems at ESCP Europe, in the Master in Management Program (to find out more about its program, the wiki is full of useful information).


I studied as well in the Advanced Strategic Management Program (Executive Education) with a special focus on Performance Management and Balanced Scorecard at IMD (International Institute for Management Developement).

This wiki provides some further information.


I studied Achieving Strategic Agility, Seize the upside of turbulences, with Professor Don Sull in an Executive Education Program at London Business School.


Open and Sustainable Innovation

I co-created 10 labs in 2014, to foster open and sustainble innovation in the Greater Geneva Bern Area and in Western Switzerland (Geneva).

I am now a regular conference speaker, so called profit speaker. For instance, I delivered keynotes in Berlin, Paris, Bratislava, New York and Singapore on topics ranging from circular economy, IoT, Smart Water, business model, circular innovation, blue economy, market driven innovation or strategic agility.

I have been serving as founding member for a Swiss Foundation, named Genevita since 2015.

In Geneva since 2005, I am the delegate for the ESCP Europe alumni association in Switzerland (700 active alumni).

I love good wines, great wines, and affordable wines.

I practice snowboard and yoga occasionnaly. I like gentle running with friends. The values of sport and the mindset of successful champions is an inspiration for the coaching I give to raise performance levels.

Social entrepreneurship, social innovation

We follow social entrepreneurship and social innovation topics, this has lead me to become a non executive director for a social incubator (Softweb), and a social innovation space (SoftSpace) in Geneva.


We remain active to change behaviours and save the planet ! (green agenda 21, renewable energy, ethics, carer and disability, diversity and inclusion).


Brands I manage have something in common: they are H2H. (Human to Human, Heart to Heart), AB (audible and bright), no boundary of CCC (country, class and colour).

My registered brand names are agilenetup, hackyourstyle and syntezia.

Achieving strategic agility and orchestrating winning performance

You can find out more about what we do for our clients on each of our websites:


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