By 2025, a $1000 laptop would have the computing power of a human brain and in the near future 40% of US jobs could be automated. Do you feel the same sense of urgency to get your digital natives ready for a digitally transformed future?


Here is the Digital Atelier manifesto:

Our mission is to awaken Digital Natives to their full potential.

We acknowledge the acceleration of technology that will trigger a singularity redefining our economy, social structure, human relationships, jobs, education, and entertainment.

We want our kids to blossom, be happy. It takes more than just coding skills. Self awareness, critical thinking, human values, being in touch with reality will be paramount in a world where artificial intelligence and robots outperform humans.

We want kids to become shapers. They leant back watching TV, then leant forward engaging with mobile applications and social networks.

We would like them to Make, Create, Think, Feel.

We strive to develop an experience that stimulates the natural curiosity of Digital Natives. This is not about linear learning. Don’t expect quiz to validate your learning.

We guide you through the maze of content to build diverse skills and encourage you to dive in topics you show interest for.

We want to trigger discussions between digital natives and digital immigrants – parents, teachers. Digital Atelier is about strengthening human relationships. Our success is that you get to see the sparkle in each other eyes.

We are so excited to share what we found … Hope you would enjoy it!

You can buy Digital Atelier in its paper format on TheBookEdition and in its ebook Kindle format on Amazon.

Benoît Gaillard and Yves Zieba

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