In this section, I will post my main publications.

Book publications:

  • Co-author of (available in English or French). I authored the chapter on education business models.
  • Co-author of Digital Atelier, Awakening the Digital Natives to their full potential (with Benoit Gaillard), an education augmented book with 52 pictures, 52 smart questions on robotics, open source, DIY, artificial intelligence, machine learning, sense of beauty, digital transformation, digital humanities. Available in printed format here and on e-book format here.

Blog contributor:

Without Model articles and interviews on open business models

Video Production:

Think Tank M&A library of YouTube video, a serie of interviews with tradesales and corporate venturing experts, in partnership with Dukascopy TV studios in Geneva.

WikiStage Geneva Innovation serie of WikiTalks

Conferences as speaker and keynotes:

I post my slides on Slideshare, Prezi and HaikuDeck. You can follow me there. Some of my recent keynotes include:

  • IFTTT or Zapier ? (Slideshare)
  • Economie collaborative /Sharing economy (Prezi)
  • Agilité stratégique et économie créative (Slideshare)
  • Agile Transition (Prezi)
  • MOOC : Learn hard / Play hard (Prezi)
  • Enhancing social collaboration / Enterprise 2.0 (Prezi)
  • Dealing with unfair and inapproriate behaviours (Prezi)
  • Innovation spaces, collaborative and circular economy (HaikuDeck)
  • Pourquoi l’entreprise sera ouverte, libre et responsable (HaikuDeck)

Applied research

I have advised several individuals and teams of students (Bachelor, Master, MBA) for their applied research work.

This includes:

  • IHEID (Social Network and Arab Springs – Award winner)
  • HES-SO / HEG : The Glencore/Xtrata merger
  • HES-SO / HEG: Water as an asset class
  • HES-SO/ HEG: Oil exporting countries malediction : the Nigeria use-case
  • HES-SO/ HEG: Gold and Silver commodities market






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