Yves Zieba est arrivé à Genève en 1999, il est actuellement basé à Genève, et est indépendant depuis 2014.

Celui lui permet de travailler avec plusieurs organisations, avec des PME et de grands groupes multinationaux, sur des thèmes tels que le cloud de confiance, l’autonomie stratégique, l’agilité stratégique, l’intelligence collective, l’innovation ouverte, durable et radicale.

Il intervient ponctuellement en tant que conférencier sur des sujets de « Market Driven Innovation », de « Design Thinking » ou de « Conception Universelle ».

Pour mieux le découvrir voici trois témoignages de personnes qui le connaissent bien et qui ont travaillé avec lui récemment.

Ses références

I’ve had the opportunity to see Yves operate in several group settings — as an associative leader, a start-up coach, a workshop facilitator — as well as in more intimate conversations with business owners. He shows a lot of sensibility and curiosity for others, yet knows how to drive the conversation towards business goals. I’d recommend Yves to anyone who needs a fresh set of eyes on their sales & marketing strategy, or just wants to have a chat with someone who is always on the lookout for new trends and can generate an impressive number of new ideas per minute.

Sébastien Dupuis

Since I met Yves the first time I got plenty of useful information about everything i needed; It gave me the feeling to be with a friend I ever known, even if it was the first time. Serious professional, careful interlocutor and loyal friend. I enjoyed working with him. My only aim there was to support him making grow and realizing is project where He put a lot of passion and commitment. Master in networking I learned a lot from him and I thanks Yves for that.

Mirko Maganello

I met Yves during a UX meetup in Geneva, where he and his colleague had organized a workshop to gather input for one of their projects. The workshop was very well organized and collaboration in groups was easy and enjoyable: lots of interesting discussions came out and the dynamics were very positive. I also have had the chance to collaborate with Yves on some brainstorm activities for the user experience of Pangloss Labs where we went through the experience of discovering the different labs to define potential frictions. Yves is very well read about innovation, new trends, and technology that supports digital transformation and conversations and collaborations with him are always very inspiring. 

Claudia Brazzola

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