Brands and trademarks

My registered brand names are agilenetup, hackyourstyle and syntezia.

You can find out more about what we do for you on each of our websites:

Syntezia is a company name (Sàrl registered in Geneva) and a registered brand specialised in the decarbonisation, sustainabilty and in the blue economy, in the SDGs, in sustainable innovation, in quality of life and in edtech. 

We organise events, campaigns, assitance packages to contribute to climate plans and action plans to have ESG/SDG actions in place. Our expertise is in access to community, dissemination, empowerment, co-design, co-development, exploitation, upskilling, capacity building, PR and external communication.


Agile Netup is a strategy consulting agency specialised in the digital transformation for businesses, i.e. open innovation, fab and living labs, IoT, IIoT, robotics, cobotics, AI, semantic analysis, language analysis, sentiment analysis, wearables, quantified self, digital twins and smart technologies (for homes, buildings, districts and cities)

Hack Your Style is a virtual incubator created to provide assistance to sustainable fashion designers and help them become independent, successful and autonomous.





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