When it comes to changing the plastic industry, good ideas are rewarded

I have the great pleasure to participate in the jury of plastic revolution, which takes place this afternoon.

From 4pm live on Facebook Livestream, you will be able to discover the best ideas and the personalities that make up the jury.

With this award we celebrate
Young impact innovators!

We want to honour great ideas, people and initiatives that develop and implement strong ideas against the plastic insanity. We can no longer stand by and watch animals perish, our food become contaminated and our environment destroyed.

This afternoon, we will celebrate the shapers who actively initiate the Plastic Revolution in 9 main areas !

Here is the agenda for this afternoon.

4pm – welcome and intro
4pm15 – start of pitches (starting with ecopals)
each pitch maximum 5min + short recap+questions by jury

Ideas will be judged on how well your idea achieves the following results:

  1. Impact – How much plastic does your idea conserve?
  2. Reach – How many people will be affected by your idea?
  3. Implementation – What is the feasibility of your solution being implemented at global scale?
  4. Environmental – What is the overall environmental impact of your idea?

To join the Facebook Livestream, here is the direct link to the Plastic Revolution Now Page: https://www.facebook.com/plasticrevolutionnow/