5 Tips to develop your business stamina yourself


You might typically hear about business stamina during performance reviews, during team meetings with marketing and sales directors, when times get difficult, or when you are running behind your targets. Very few people actually know about the business stamina meaning and even less of us, know about ways to develop our business stamina ourselves.

« You don’t have enough business stamina ! »

Have you ever heard this comment ? Did you really understand what was meant ? How can you tell whether it is true ? What should you do differently ? Why suddenly a director finds it important ?. How can we make it an actionable feedback ? Does it have to do with sport, breathing or fitness ? Do you want to get better at it ? I do. So I made some research and here are my 5 tips for you.


Tip #1. Understand why « business stamina » is important ?

It is not written anywhere in your objectives, it is not mentioned in your recruitment interview, it is not said in « one to one » session with your manager, but in most companies, it is expected from you. Displaying stamina reassures everyone and it is widely assimilated as commitment, energy, efficiency, results, success, positive attitude… So stamina is good for you, it is good for your next performance review, for your career, for your next important customer meeting and for your next salary negotiation !

Are you fit enough ?



Tip #2. Start to practice now ! It takes time to be instantly successful !

« Instant Success takes a really long time, so work on your stamina !».

See this great inspirational video from LBS / PeerIndex to understand what we mean here to learn about the journey, the iterations, the use of machine learning technologies and the strategic pivots before reaching the point of what looks like an « instant success » (PeerIndex acquisition)



Tip #3. Learn how stamina supplements business acumen and entrepreneurial mindset

Stamina alone is not sufficient. It becomes powerful when combined with the entrepreneurship mindset and a strong business acumen (your ability to understand, analyse and comment a business situation, and convert it into an opportunity, even in turbulent times or in crisis situation).

The underlying competences on which you can work include progressive and visionary leadership, applying your knowledge and your judgment to a variety of industry, based on facts and data, driving the business forward through initiatives, and most importantly developing and using your social skills (listening, open questions, empathy, …) on every possible occasion.


Tip #4. Understand why meditation helps you be more productive

Have you ever wondered why so many entrepreneurs are super-keen on meditation, mindfulness and consciousness! They have understood why it can be useful for their personal and business success. Both are tightly interdependent.



Tip #5 – Don’t underestimate the importance of your voice in your perceived business stamina

Learn about the throat chakra, learn about Ayurveda. Go out and sing what you like, and join the theatre or improvisation club next door !


More info on Chakras


More info on Ayurveda


If you want to develop your business stamina further, get in touch !

L’innovation par les usages appliqué à l’univers du technoluxe

J’ai le plaisir de participer à une table ronde demain dans le cadre de la 15ème édition du salon international des leaders de la haute précision à Palexpo Genève. (EPHJ / EPMT / SMT).


J’aurai l’occasion d’illustrer les nouvelles tendances dans le technoluxe, en piochant dans les exemples concrets de Pangloss et de Hack Your Style. Nous serons en très bonne compagnie, avec notamment nos partenaires de la promotion économique de Genève, et de l’Arc du genevois, qui nous ont aidé à préparer l’évènement.


Notre table ronde franco-suisse sera modérée par Ixiade, et nous aurons également des intervenants de Mind, de SKEMA, d’Arnano et de Qualimatest. Une bonne occasion d’échanger pendant et après cette table ronde sur les nouveaux usages dans le luxe au sens large, pas uniquement dans l’horlogerie et la haute joaillerie. Nous espérons vous accueillir nombreux à la conférence.


La table ronde franco-suisse aura lieu sur le stand Genève Innovation (G111) ce vendredi 17 juin de 10h30 à 12h. Que vous soyez « bling bling » ou « no bling », que vous veniez du secteur de l’horlogerie, de la haute joaillerie, du médical, ou d’un tout autre secteur, j’espère vous y retrouver pour parler d’innovation.


Pour découvrir le programme et les modalités pratiques d’accès et d’inscription (gratuite), clicker ici.

En espérant vous voir nombreux à cet événement.