New idea, new startup ? How to evaluate your chances for success ?

We are in the middle of the Entrepreneurship week in Geneva.

This year, it is called « Libérez vous idées » / Free up your ideas !

I have been invited to take part by the Association des étudiants en Sciences (AESc).

Being invited by the students themselves mean a lot to me, actually !


So, on Tuesday, from 12, I will animate an interactive workshop in Geneva. Together, we will dig into the differences:

  • between science and entrepreneurship,
  • between risk taking and over-confidence
  • between scientist mindset and entrepreneur mindset
  • between design thinking, effectuation and the other 100s of ideation methods.

We will have an open discussion about the different ways of evaluating your chances for business success when you come up with a new idea.

The interactive workshop will be taking place in Quai Ernest-Ansermet 30, 1205 Genève
SCIENCES III salle 1S059.

It should be good fun !

I hope we will exchange many good ideas.


There is no credit to be won, we will just talk about you, your ideas and your motivation to turn your ideas into successul businesses.

I will use some of my latest tricks to make the session as interactive as possible.

We will share knowledge about effectuation, design thinking, and getting stakeholders to commit for you and for your idea.

It is open to everyone, it is free, and no, you do not have to have completed 3 PhDs to attend. 🙂

As a teaser, I could not think about a better way than sharing with you, Sara Sarasvathy TEDx Talk video, who invented effectuation.

I hope to see you on Tuesday and get starting assessing your ideas’s desirability, viability and feasibility.