Reforms of national innovation policies in Europe

Susana Borras Blog

Many European countries have introduced important reforms in their innovation policies since the year 2000. Countries with traditionally « mission-oriented » policies have introduced many new « diffusion-oriented » instruments, and vice-versa. Are we witnessing a trend towards convergence of innovation policies, and ultimately of innovation systems?

The answer is very simple, and yet quite complex. Simply put the answer is no, we are not witnessing a convergence of policies or innovation systems if that is understood as a unison move towards the same end-point. Innovation policies and systems remain largely diverse in many dimensions: the socio-economic dimension with distinct industrial profile and dynamics; as well as the socio-political dimension with centrally placed actors’ preference for some specific solutions and distaste for others.

What we are witnessing is a series of simultaneous and significant trends towards national reforms of innovation policies, with more or less depth, and with more or less impact in their respective innovation…

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