The best way to teach kids math is not in a classroom

Publié: 2014-10-05 dans Education


As a semi-retired engineer, I often lament efforts to remove shop, technical drawing and other hands-on classes from students’ schedules when they might otherwise understand math as just a dry academic offering. The concept that shop classes serve solely as “industrial education” fail to note its vital role in preparing future architects, engineers, scientists and more. It is classes like shop that reinforce the connection between the tangible and the symbolic—math comes alive when numbers appear as dimensions that you can see and touch. Shapes and angles are observable, and how they meet, fit and feel is appealing to the senses.

A narrowing of experience is happening in lower grades. My friend’s son was struggling with the concepts of area and perimeter, and his teacher expected each student to memorize “P = 2xL + 2xW » and « A=LxW » and take it from there. My friend took his son out to a tennis court with chalk and…

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