Open Living Lab Days

I attended the 2018 in Geneva and 2019 in Thessaloniki editions.

During these conferences, I co-animated workshops on SDGs, on the Future of Mobility, on Equality and on Liquid Democracy.

To find out more about the 2019 editions, you can access the archive here and my Medium summary here.

We also presented an innovation paper which has been selected.

To access the previous editions archive, click here.

Digital Atelier

By 2025, a $1000 laptop would have the computing power of a human brain and in the near future 40% of US jobs could be automated. Do you feel the same sense of urgency to get your digital natives ready for a digitally transformed future? Here is the Digital Atelier manifesto: Our mission is to awaken Digital Natives to their full potential. We acknowledge the acceleration of technology that will trigger a singularity redefining our economy, social structure, human relationships, jobs, education, and entertainment. We want our kids to blossom, be happy. It takes more than just coding skills. Self awareness, critical thinking, human values, being in touch with reality will be paramount in a world where artificial intelligence and robots outperform humans. We want kids to become shapers. They leant back watching TV, then leant forward engaging with mobile applications and social networks. We would like them to Make, Create, Think, Feel. We strive to develop an experience that stimulates the natural curiosity of Digital Natives. This is not about linear learning. Don’t expect quiz to validate your learning. We guide you through the maze of content to build diverse skills and encourage you to dive in topics you show interest for. We want to trigger discussions between digital natives and digital immigrants – parents, teachers. Digital Atelier is about strengthening human relationships. Our success is that you get to see the sparkle in each other eyes. We are so excited to share what we found …

Hope you would enjoy it! Benoît and Yves

Business Coaching Panel

Anyone who works on her or his own project will appreciate feedback, advice or assistance from time to time. I provide both in an individualized and structured approach.

Talk about your project at a Panel session.

A 5-minutes-pitch at the open Panel session introduces the project to the Panel who will return their immediate comments in a 10-min-discussion round.

The Panel then may recommend a way forward according to the project’s situation, which will be worked out in detail together with members following the session.

In a further session, the Business Coaching Panel approves the project plan, assigns the relevant people to accompany the project, and allocates resources. After execution of the project plan, the results are presented to the Panel.

Open Models

This project deliverable is a book named “Open Models” in which I authored a chapter on new open business models in education. The book has already been sold with over 5000 copies.

More widely, this project enables authors, researchers and teachers to be well informed about the different dimensions of online training, notably around the issues of author rights and academic freedom.
Whether it is in a corporate environment, for a University or for developing independent online course, I help you navigate the different education learning platforms, namely Coursera, edX, OpenEdX, Miranda, Khan Academy, Fun, OpenClassroom, Udemy…

Through regular MeetUps, it helps us understand the technologies used to develop MOOCs and online courses, it offers a forum to understand the issues around the licences.

Last but not least, it presents 8 new business models used by online courses to monetise their content. The book is available to be printed on demand. For any further information, please contact

A second version of the book will be launched soon, focusing on Open Business Models for Sustainability #OM4S.

National Science Fair 2018

Project Description

Every year, a National Science Fair is organised by the French Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation with events all over France.  

We gather scientific experts, academics, entrepreneurs for a one day event in October at a great place in Pays de Gex, Pays Bellegardien.

The national main topic in 2018 was “Changing your mind about preconceived ideas”

Sub-themes were:

  • Gender Equality
  • Europe & International
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Development
  • Society Issues
  • Innovative Mediation Tools and Techniques
  • Scientific News
  • Industry 4.0
  • History of Science and Technology

Plenty of activities took place on October 13th, including:

  • Scientific films
  • Demonstrations and stands (with scientific experts)
  • Conferences
  • Accredited “Fête de la Science”projects

During the day, we have showcased new projects in ethical fashion, retro-gaming, smart buildings, bioethics and augmented humanity.

As it was during “Pink October”, we also covered the cause “fighting cancer”.

Multiple local associations and other organisations have partnered with us this year, including:

Location : Ferney-Voltaire

Open Models for Sustainability

Project Description

Open Models for sustainability is now ready“It is not because a business model is open that it is necessarily a good model”. The “forwarders” community is back, this time with a new book on open business models, dedicated to sustainability  ! After Open Models in French and in English, authors and contributors from the Think Tank orchestrated by Louis-David Benyayer are back with a new challenge !In this new book, you will find some of the contributors you know from Without Model, and some new authors as the club made out of “innovateurs affranchis” is growing rapidly.This time, we dig into open business models and how they can help with major sustainability development goals and environmental challenges we face.Some more info about this new book is available here. about peer to peer and open business models applied to sustainable housing.