A methodological addendum to the CIO essay: A discussion about true vs sure approach and the three AI paradoxes in AM.

I just love the 3 paradoxes explained here. Great contribution !

Economie et Politique: Une vision humaine

Our previous essay was marked by some form of ambiguity. To highlight the importance of the CIO creativity we used (apparently) ambiguous sentences like this: “Human beings are truly creative and this is because they look for true scenarios and not merely correct (sure) ones”. Now, to move forward, we need to acknowledge the meaning of this sentence in a very transparent way: This will allow us to properly introduce the discussion about the strategic interactions among CIOs. Our starting point will be to enrich our allegorical crisis narrative to discuss the assessment of the houses after the fire (the origin of the fire will be discussed in our last essay). These elements will authorize us to reach a twofold conclusion:
a) There are three main paradoxes associated with a pure AI (algorithm) based asset allocation process; we will clearly identify them and discuss; and b) we…

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